Apollo System

Apollo is a revolutionary form of anti-aging treatment that can burn fat, fight cellulite and reduce wrinkles, all in one!

The Apollo system is an all-in-one medical solution that can help reduce the signs of aging by targeting excess fat, cellulite and wrinkles on the face and body. This is a unique method of body contouring that is able to target many aspects of aging with just one pain-free treatment technique.

The Apollo system is the most advanced aesthetic anti-aging treatment available, offering non-invasive, fast, effective and comfortable therapy sessions that can target all areas of the body. The Apollo device has a special small applicator that is specifically designed to target troublesome delicate areas. Unlike other forms of antiaging treatments that only target larger areas of the body, the Apollo system will comfortably treat all areas of the face, including around the lips, eyes and forehead in addition to the hands.

Apollo offers a single solution for common aesthetic and anti-aging concerns, including:

  • Skin tightening
  • Body sculpting
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Fat reduction

How Apollo Works

The Apollo design features a Multi-TriPollar configuration that delivers optimal power, making it possible to treat more areas of the body. The Apollo system works by heating the dermal and subcutaneous layers of skin concurrently without injuring the epidermis or causing any pain. This heat application enhances collagen regeneration and hastens fat metabolism.

Therapy sessions with Apollo range in time depending on the body part being treated. A facial treatment often only takes 30 minutes, while body treatments may take up to 40 minutes. Results can often be noticed immediately following an Apollo treatment session and are long-lasting.

As of January 2012, the Apollo system is FDA approved for use in the United States. This treatment is not widely available, but is now an available treatment for body contouring in Deerfield with Dr. Julia Melamed.