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Probiotics and Weight Loss

Diversity in the Microbiome have been shown to be different in Obese individuals as compared to lean individuals. Lower microbial (bacterium) diversity is associated with obesity and fat mass variables, particularly in visceral fat. Over the past decade a strong link between the microbiome and obesity points to the potential for interventions targeting the microbiome for more effective weight management, one of these interventions is the use of specific high grade probiotics. Make an appointment today with our Nutritionist to…

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Latest from Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA): Mediterranean Diet and Breast Cancer Risk

It was known for a while that heavier women are at increased risk for Breast Cancer compared to women with normal weight. Today's article is describing first large scale long-term dietary intervention and its effects on Breast Cancer incidence. The results suggest a beneficial effect of a Mediterranean diet (fish, olives, veggies, wine, nuts, etc.) with extra-virgin olive oil supplementation in the primary prevention of Breast Cancer. Cheers!

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