Chicago Ideal Protein

Melamed Weight and Wellness is Chicago ’s premier choice for Ideal Protein. With years of experience with Ideal Protein, there is no one better suited to provide you with your ideal protein. Dr. Melamed is the best choice for Ideal Protein in Chicago and surrounding areas. Because Dr. Melamed and the rest of the Doctor 4 Diet team work in conjunction with your primary physician, you don’t have to worry about switching doctors. And, with Ideal Protein being the new trend in diet and weight loss, the choice is obvious. Dr. Melamed and Doctor 4 Diet utilize these cutting edge practices to deliver a happier you. So what is Ideal Protein?

Ideal Protein for Chicago

Ideal Protein is highly effective diet that combines a variety of protein enriched metabolically stimulating medical foods with certain healthy regular food choices, allowing you to enjoy your regular meals and high quality protein products, including omelets, pancakes, pasta dishes and more. This diet can be combined with appetite suppressing medications, and includes healthy balance of weight loss enhancing vitamins and minerals.

Weight loss medications are widely used in treating weight issues and obesity, and include traditional stimulatory medications (phentermine, phendimetrazine, diethylbupropion, etc), metabolic modulators, hunger suppressors, and more. Dr Melamed has a great experience in using all weight loss medications individually or in combinations, to restore metabolic activity and suppress hunger. Some of our patients require medications only during weight loss phase, but obesity is a chronic condition, and sometimes weight loss medications have to be used to maintain normal weight.

Doctor 4 Diet is comprised of a specialized team that is experienced and ready to help you lose weight. With two offices in Chicago and the Chicago area, Dr. Julia Melamed is certified in both internal medicine and medical bariatrics and has been helping her patients fight obesity and lose weight since 1998. Dr. Melamed’s team at Doctor 4 Diet is comprised of a clinical psychologist, a dietician, a physician assistant and also an endermologie technician. Our combined expertise and experience will help you to finally lose weight and begin living a healthier, more active lifestyle.