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Full Formula Program

Lose Weight with Doctor 4 Diet’s Very Low Calorie Diet and Full Formula Program

Many Patients have lost more than 150 pounds using the Doctor 4 Diet Full Formula Program!

While participating in our full formula weight loss program your regular diet will be replaced with highly nutritional meal substitutes. Meal replacement products such as shakes, soups and snack bars encourage rapid weight loss by removing all confusion from eating a healthy, low calorie diet. In fact, the full formula program is the most highly effective non-surgical weight loss method that is available today for the treatment of moderate to severe obesity.

One of the more popular full formula diet programs offered is the OPTIFAST weight loss program. The OPTIFAST program has helped many patients to lose over 150 pounds and begin living a healthier and happier lifestyle.

One benefit of the full formula program is that it is 100% tailored to your individualized needs. While you are participating in this weight loss program Dr. Melamed will recommend a daily calorie intake that will be most beneficial for you, often 800 calories per day or less, by prescribing a certain number of product servings for you to consume each day. As with all of our weight loss programs, Dr. Melamed will prescribe appetite suppressants to help aid you in your weight loss goals when medically necessary and appropriate.

A full formula program is often a beneficial weight loss method for people who have struggled with obesity because it eliminates the need to constantly count calories and prepare special foods. Meal replacements offer a reprieve from the stressful decisions involved in attempting to eat healthy, and allow individuals to begin re-shaping the way that they approach and consume food, which are both necessary behavioral changes to ensure long term weight management success.

Many aspects of our full formula program depend on your individualized needs, such as your starting weight and any medical conditions that you may be struggling with in addition to your obesity.

In most cases, the full formula program will last for about eighteen weeks. The first twelve weeks are focused on active weight loss. During this phase of the program many patients lose between two and four pounds per week! The six weeks following this initial phase are focused on the re-introduction of solid foods into your diet. During the final weeks of this program, Dr. Melamed will work with you to develop a proper maintenance diet with controlled calorie intake so that the weight you lost while participating in the full formula program will stay off for good.


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