Detox Program

Eliminate Toxins and Enhance Your Health with the Doctor 4 Diet Detox Program!

The Detox Program offered by Dr. Melamed through Metagenics eliminates toxins from your body through the use of nutritional supplements that can only be attained through your physician. Toxins are incredibly prevalent throughout our environment. Our bodies become exposed to these harmful elements through air-borne pollutants in addition to our own dietary habits. In fact, there are many different health issues commonly experienced by individuals that are largely attributable to the presence of toxins in the body. Preservatives, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and even certain sugars all assist in the build-up of toxins in our bodies, and only through the total avoidance of all toxic sources can we fully eliminate these harmful elements and stop them from having a detrimental impact on our health. The problem is that toxins are everywhere, and eliminating them from your diet is often not an easy task. The detox program offered by Dr. Melamed provides a uniquely simple solution to this stressful issue.

The detox program products supplied by Metagenics help to reduce the amount of toxins that we ingest daily, while simultaneously assisting the body in its natural process for eliminating the existing toxins in your system. A majority of the detox process revolves around the liver, and for this reason the Metagenics products are tailored to assisting the liver throughout the detoxification process. Metagenics offers several detoxification products including the UltraClear, UltraClear Plus, and also the UltraClear Plus pH which are all designed to provide nutritional support for the liver and other surrounding tissues.

While this program is customized to help improve your health through the elimination of toxins, the detox diet is likely to help you lose weight. There are several different dietary plans available through the detox program, and they vary largely in length. One of the dietary plans lasts for up to one month. The different plans contrast largely in the amount of time over which foods in your diet are eliminated. Dr. Melamed will be able to help you determine the diet and time scale that are most beneficial to your needs.