Lose Weight with the Proven Success of the OPTIFAST Medical Weight Loss Program!

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The OPTIFAST medical weight loss program is clinically proven to help people lose weight and achieve long term weight loss results. The OPTIFAST program offers weight loss success to many people by providing dieters with the unique opportunity to replace a large portion of their daily diet with high protein, metabolism stimulating weight loss shakes and bars. The OPTIFAST meal replacement program utilizes a very low calorie diet which helps patients to lose weight quickly and effectively while staying full and feeling great.

The amount of weight loss that patients experience while participating in the OPTIFAST weight loss program is often very rapid and consistent. One of the biggest benefits of the OPTIFAST program is that it promotes healthy eating habits, which helps patients to change the way they eat before implementing the daily task of making nutritional dining choices.

Instead of constricting calorie consumption to three large meals per day, the OPTIFAST program teaches dieters the benefits of eating smaller meals every few hours. While you consume less calories overall with the OPTIFAST program, your body may feel like it is being fed more than usual! These regular, small portions help prevent your body from becoming very hungry, which in turn prevents you from overeating. Also, the OPTIFAST program is proven to be beneficial in helping emotional eaters lose weight. This is because the program forces you to be conscious of the items that you are eating and prevents you from taking part in mindless snacking. As you approach your weight loss goal, our dietician will be available to help you develop a nutritional program focused on managing your individual weight loss long term.

Dr. Melamed is committed to helping you succeed in meeting your weight loss goals and keeping that lost weight off for good. The OPTIFAST program is easily customized to meet your individualized needs. While most patients find themselves sufficiently full while taking the OPTIFAST products as directed, appetite suppressants are available to our patients when medically necessary so to help those that otherwise struggle with hunger while participating in any of our weight loss programs.
OPTIFAST Product Information

OPTIFAST offers a variety of products, which helps you to mix up your menu without falling off track. While many OPTIFAST dieters are successful following a strict liquid-only diet, the OPTIFAST program is suited to meet a variety of different needs. If you are not comfortable entering a weight loss program focused largely around weight loss shakes, the program can be easily tailored to your needs by incorporating simple low calorie solid foods that add extra variety to the already great tasting OPTIFAST products.

Here is a list of the most popular OPTIFAST products. Many OPTIFAST dieters enjoy these products as prepared, but you can also combine them with other low calorie ingredients to make them into a real treat.

The OPTIFAST 800 ready to drink products are available in three flavors: French Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.
The OPTIFAST 800 shake mix comes in a powdered formula that instantly dissolves in water.
The OPTIFAST 800 soup mix is available in two flavors: Savory Chicken and Garden Tomato
The OPTIFAST 800 protein bars come in a wide variety of flavors, including the very popular yogurt berry and chocolate peanut butter.