The Balanced Deficit Diet (BDD)

Lose Weight Quick with Doctor 4 Diet’s Customizable Balanced Deficit Diet Medical Weight Loss Plan!

The Balanced Deficit Diet (BDD) program is a supervised natural food dietary program that is tailored to help you lose weight and keep it off. The BDD weight loss diet is unlike many other medical weight loss programs in that you control the foods that you choose to eat. Many medical weight loss programs offer full meal replacements, which means you will eat foods that are provided for you to limit your calorie consumption and ensure proper nutrient intake. While many people benefit from the convenience and quick weight loss that full meal replacement diets like the OPTIFAST program offer, others find the elimination of their favorite foods too constricting and have difficulty sticking to the diet plan provided. The Balanced Deficit Diet plan combines the benefits of a medical weight loss program with the low calorie structure of a meal replacement program, offering in result a unique and successful dietary plan that is easily customizable to your health and needs.

One of the biggest struggles people often face when trying to lose weight is keeping up their motivation. Losing weight is a difficult task and is often very frustrating. This is why the Balanced Deficit Diet program incorporates our support and follow-up so that we can assist in guiding you along your weight loss journey to your end goal.

In addition to our ongoing support and motivation, many people in the Balanced Deficit Diet weight loss program are prescribed FDA approved dietary medications and supplements to help them advance in meeting their weight loss goals.

The important thing to understand about the Balanced Deficit Diet is that it is customizable to you. At the onset of this program we will calculate the amount of calories that you should consume daily based on your body composition assessment. In order to help you succeed in this weight loss program, we ask that you limit your calorie intake to our daily recommendation. In addition to this calculated limit of daily calorie consumption, the Balanced Deficit Diet also encourages that you maintain a daily weight loss journal so that together we can keep track of your daily meals, snacks and exercise levels. We also will provide you with a list of foods that you should avoid for optimal success in meeting your weight loss goal.

The Balanced Deficit Diet medical weight loss program is ideal for many people because it provides you with knowledge and insight into healthy lifestyle habits concerning your daily diet and exercise levels. Staying educated during your weight loss journey will help you to lose weight and keep those excess pounds off for good!