The hCG Diet

Lose Weight Fast with the Doctor 4 Diet hCG Diet and Medical Weight Loss Program!

The hCG diet is a very popular form of medical weight loss that helps many people who have had difficulty losing weight in the past finally be successful in meeting their weight loss goals. HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone found naturally in women during pregnancy that is proven to help you lose weight quickly and effectively. While hCG has increasingly gained popularity in recent years, it actually has a long and established history. The hCG hormone was first discovered in 1927 and has been recognized as a beneficial tool for weight loss and increased metabolism since 1954. For over 50 years hCG has been used in the treatment of obesity, in addition to other medical conditions such as infertility and hormone regulation.

The hCG hormone assists in the weight loss process by suppressing the appetite while simultaneously stimulating the mobilization of fat—meaning you will be able to eat less while your body naturally burns off more. HCG is a successful method of medical weight loss for so many people because the hormone actually manipulates the function of the hypothalamus which stimulates the mobilization of excessive fat deposits. Current research also indicates that hCG actually increases the production of leptin in your body, which is the hormone that helps you to feel full and lose weight. Due to this hormone manipulation, patients that pursue the hCG diet for weight loss are able to consume a highly reduced level of calories while their bodies burn the fat that it already holds, which results in rapid weight loss.

The hCG hormone can be administered in several different methods. Dr. Melamed prescribes pharmaceutical grade hCG in both the injectable and sublingual variants, often depending on the patients preference. In conjunction with the hCG supplement, we recommend a very low calorie diet (VLCD) of 700 calories per day. As the hCG hormone assists your body to naturally liquidize the fat it already holds by turning it into fuel, you will not need to consume more than 700 calories a day to remain satiated. There is no universal diet associated with the hCG medical weight loss plan. Instead, we are able to work with you to shape a weight loss program that will be most beneficial to helping you reach your ideal weight and begin living a healthier lifestyle.