Dr. Julia Melamed, M.D.

Dr Julia A Melamed is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Metabolic (Bariatic) Medicine. She also carries Certification in Anti-aging Medicine. Dr Melamed has been practicing in Chicagoland area since 1998. She is a founder of Melamed Weight and Wellness – a clinic dedicated to Weight Loss and Anti-aging.

Dr Melamed takes pride in thorough assessment of each patient’s metabolic and aging problems, leading to increased weight and general health decline, and approaches those issues with variety of pharmacologic and bioidentical options. Over the years, she helped thousands of Patients to reclaim their health, looks and self-esteem.

Dr. Melamed’s team at Doctor 4 Diet is comprised of a clinical psychologist, a dietician, a physician assistant and also an endermologie technician. Practice limited to medical weight loss, anti aging aesthetics, and bio-identical hormone replacement.