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I didn't want to be a 40yr old on insulin and even further in the future I waned to be around for my kids and see them get older instead of worrying about my health. I was told by my ex-husband who is a physician that I had gained too much weight. No it wasn't to be meant to be mean, he was worried for our kids. He referred me to Dr. Melamed and I looked on the internet for possible treatments. Most of the ads mentioned “obesity”. I thought I'm not that fat! I went in for a consultation and started the Optifast that night. I began in the end of march and by the end of May I was about 40 pounds lighter! It definitely was difficult and I had to be disciplined but I was and as time went on, more and more people started noticing. I had started to realize the instances that I would eat the most: when everyone else was eating and when I was bored. Once the weight came off, I started seeing Michael the Nutritionist/Lipidologist. I was finished with the Optifast but was afraid to eat since I didn't want to gain it back and ruin all that time I had invested. Michael taught me how to eat without blowing my weight loss and gave me the explanations for the way food is digested so i'd understand and be more motivated. I lost an additional 5 pounds! I felt great with more energy, confidence and a better general attitude. Then, I had a little pouch on my abdomen and had Ilipo and Apollo treatments. I was so pleased to have that area reduce and become tauter. I am really proud of myself and maybe I'll even post something on Facebook a picture of the new me! You don't have to be THAT fat to turn your life around be healthy and feel great again!

Anastasia F.Age 40

I want to thank Dr. Melamed and everyone on her staff for the wonderful work they have done. I have had several procedures in the last year and a half and have been really happy with every one of them. The first procedure I did was Pollagen. I had a really round, fat face with a double chin. I no longer have a double chin and my cheeks are more prominent. My skin also looked younger and healthier. I was so excited that I continued with Ultra-therapy and the Vampire Facial. The Ultra-therapy helped my chin even more and the Vampire Facial made my skin look even better and younger. My mother thought I looked so much better that she had it done too. I also use Botox to raise my eye-brows and enhance my cheek bones. The results are very natural. Years ago, people asked if I was pregnant. My stomach was so big! I was so upset and couldn't stop crying about it. Dr. Melamed and her staff recommended ILipo and Apollo. My stomach is narrower and flatter. When ILipo Ultra came, it helped even more. I weigh more now than I did, but instead of people asking me if I'm pregnant, some people tell me I'm tiny! I may sound shallow, but I am feeling so much better, inside and out! My stomach always made me feel uncomfortable! It was hard to go up the stairs or bend to put on my shoes. I was always afraid someone would think I was pregnant! Now I can go somewhere and be happy to see someone I haven't seen in a long time or I can take a picture without someone in front of me to hide my double chin! I feel much more comfortable in my skin now! I have become much more confident and outgoing! I love going to the office! Everyone is very professional, attentive and caring! It has really become my home away from home!

Natasha G.Age 50


I came in 6 weeks before leaving for my daughter's wedding hoping to look refreshed and slim. Thanks to the weekly vitamin shot, i-lipo & apollo treatments I lost 10 pounds in the places I wanted to (tummy, thighs and back). The Ultherapy treatment on my eyes was remarkable and left me looking refreshed. The wedding is over and I am continuing my treatments. I feel fabulous about my results. I'm looking forward to trying many other treatments that are offered in the future.

Nina C.Age 40

I am writing to thank you for all your help. I was on the Optifast diet now for a little over three months and have lost at least twenty five pounds. Not only did I shed the weight, but my blood chemistry has dramatically changed for the better. For example, my cholesterol went from 261 on January 16, 2013 to 195 on May 30,2013! My LDL for the same time period went from 174 to 119. Absolutely amazing. I cannot thank you enough for your help and understanding. Also, as you know, I no longer have to take a blood pressure medication or the other medications I was on as well. I am no longer a candidate for the statin drug my doctor recommended. I am elated by this news beyond words. My primary physician would like me to stay on some sort of program with you, indefinitely. However, the only problem I have now is trying to keep those size 16s up around my waist.

Christina M.Age 59


I was told about Dr. Melamed and her diabetes and weight management program and felt that it was what I needed. With her help, monitoring, and training me on a new way of eating and more exercise I have great results. These results were not a magic potion given to me by the doctor. Rather I realized I had a choice of how I wanted to live my remaining years. Either healthy and active, or overweight and basically a couch potato. I watch carefully what I eat today. Yes I do cheat occasionally. I walk 4-5miles on a 5-6 day a week basis. Trust me it is fun to get on the scale and see the pounds go after sweating on these walks. The most difficult thing for me was re-training my brain about eating. For all of my life th3e mornings meant breakfast, noon lunch, afternoon a snack, then dinner, and an evening snack most often. As I became more immersed in the program that Dr. Melamed gave me, I learned that noon does not have to mean I have to eat if I am not hungry, wow! Epiphany! Just a small snack to keep my sugars regulated is fine for me today. This is the same concept I used to keep my dinner portions smaller and maintain my calorie count for the day. Today I can honestly say that I am confident I will reach my goal weight of 205lbs very shortly. At that point the doctor will revaluate my course of action and medicines. Frankly, I think the hardest part for me will be to maintain my ideal weight. However, the incentive is huge! Feeling great, more strength and physical abilities, and looking better as well. I have gone from a 40-42 waist to a 36 waist. I am actually considering going on another skiing trip with the guys this coming february. That would not have been possible in the past. If my story helps someone understand their Type II diabetes, or a chronic weight condition, and the real dangers of continuing on the path they are on, I am happy I wrote this letter.

Blake M. Age 55